Recruitment as a service

When your team grows and you need to fill more than one position on time. Or you need to fill only one job, but it seems to be difficult.

We know exactly what it takes to find the ideal candidate for your team and how to support them with the right career opportunities.


We’re placing tech professionals from developers to analysts at start-ups and global tech leaders.

Specialist knowledge

As your team grows, your in-house HR team may need to conduct interviews for positions they are not familiar with. We often have better knowledge of technical roles and the skills needed for them.

Knowledge of the market

You gain access to valuable knowledge of salary rates, available skill sets, career expectations, current hiring complexities and even market trends you may otherwise have never known about. We’re able to provide you valuable insight.

High quality candidates

Using a recruitment agency increases your ability to meet with high quality candidates. We have access to a large talent pool of pre-screened and referenced candidates. You are only meeting with candidates that have been already carefully assessed and interviewed.

Extended reach

Not all the best candidates are actively looking for a new job. They’re passive talent and they take a bit longer to find. Our recruiters know who those people are, how to reach them and more importantly, know how to incentivise them to make a step forward to a new career opportunity.

Finding talents

Finding the right people is what we do best.

Sometimes you might just need a little bit of help with your recruitment. Maybe you need an extra pair of hands to handle the volume of applicants, or your HR process needs fine-tuned before you start hiring. Pick and choose what you need, when you need it.

Our consultants are specialised in IT and FinTech sectors – the appropriate market knowledge that enables them to support you and be credible in the eyes of candidates.

Plus we’re not just a CV sending service provider: we send you a detailed characterisation of every profile, which proves that the candidates have been truly pre-screened, including a personality analysis, motivation and professional experiences.

Last but not least we won’t say yes to every project and will never waste your time when it looks like mission impossible.

Why you need
Recruitment as a service

We’ve summarised the main benefits of Recruitment service can offer

A team of recruiters and researchers

When you need effective research and recruitment in a short time you better have a team behind your back with a dedicated contact person.

A pool of candidates

Our years of recruitment experience has a list of valuable potential candidates in field of PM, FinTech, HR and IT.

Time to focus on pre-screened applications

You can save time and keep up with your priorities while we meet the first interviews of your open positions. You will get tranquility and time.

Great selection of matching candidates

If your expectations are well defined and detailed we can work on the hiring process and deliver matching talents on time.

We are best at recruitng

Information technology + FinTech + Project management + Human Resources



Work with experts

Long term effectiveness

More than 80% of our candidates stay in their new position after the trial period.

Our focus is on quality

You will only get candidates tailored to your needs.

We have fast reaction time

You’ll get only the best matching resumés with fast reaction time.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We can work together as your outsourced Talent Aquisition team. In case you’d need helping hand in Recruitment for a limited time – we have a great solution.

Client testimonials

Correct communication

“Our contact person’s professional past, reliability and customer-centric attitude have always been a guarantee of success. Our cooperation was effective and successful. I would love to work with him in the future.”

Klara, Senior HR Specialist

Successful cooperation

“This is the first collaboration where I feel my colleagues are doing their best to find the right candidates for us – although I’ve 10+ years experience in field of HR. They establish a relationship of trust with the applicants and handle each search as their own. They are fast, accurate and really take care of applicants even after the placement. I can always count on them!”

Petra, Head of HR


“Whenever we need help in communicating with candidates they are always at our disposal. In the biggest trouble we can always count on Innoview team. They work accurately and well-organised. They send us informative reports and work with us as a team.”

Anett, Onsite Recruiter

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