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We provide efficient, fast and flexible solutions in field of Project Management, Recruitment as well as IT and Business functions’ Outsourcing since 2011.

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Digitalisation drives on. The explosive job growth of the IT industry began just about two decades ago and proved to be lasting. The sector is fast-moving and dynamic, meaning there are many both large companies and tech start-ups that are seeking out for tech experts. We have tailor-made answers to help you find your tech-people.


Fintech’s success depends on acquisition of talent. In recent years fintech firms are rising exponentially, means they need more and more tech employees to keep up the excellent work. We understand both Finance and IT language – we’re ready to hire your FinTech candidates across Europe.


The financial sector’s development has been accelerated by technological innovation. Digital transformation projects in Europe will continue to drive competition for the best digital candidates in the next few years. As we move towards a digital-first world, tech-candidates are in hot demand across finance industry. We are ready to answer your financial workforce needs.

Our values


We are proud of our long-term business connections: we have built up deep specialisations and networks within our chosen industries.


Your workforce needs are 100% unique, so you need tailor-made solutions that truly fit your business. We’re here to understand your objectives and find a solution that works for you.


We are determined to create answers to your workforce needs. From Python to Swift and Treasury to AP, we speak your language – technology is at the heart of our business.

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