Contingent Workforce

How to use Contingent Workforce?

Our expert-pool can support your IT projects

You’ve your core business plus upcoming new projects over and over again – and you want to run them as smooth as possible without taking high risk.

We help you to find the balance between permanent and contract based hiring to solve your IT related projects’ workforce needs faster and more cost-effective.

You’ll get solution to: 


  • Filling the skills gap
  • Increasing flexibility in business
  • Faster and more cost-effective hiring process
  • Assess business needs on an ongoing basis
  • Try new positions
  • Try new team members

Why you need Contingent Workforce?

We’ve summarised the main benefits of our Contingent workforce service

Your IT projects are series of IT related tasks with deadlines, resources and required results. They all have a defined goal and a specific budget as well. It can be a long and hard way to hire experienced IT workforce and keep up with the enterprise HR policy. Think outside of the box: choose alternative workforce solutions and get the best mix for your needs.


Your project requires both IT related skills and soft skills. In a hiring process there’s an important keyword: team-fit. Using Contingent Workforce you’ll get both hard skills and soft skills plus 12 months guarantee time to see if the new member can fit in your team.


Your project needs experienced IT talents, not juniors from a code school. Senior and mid IT experts are rare applicants. Get them with one year guarantee and an optional opportunity to hire them.


You can choose Contingent Workforce service just like a subscription with a monthly fee instead of a long hiring process including taxes and other payroll dues.


In the classic hiring process you get a trial period with a new employee: 3 months to see if you both satisfied with each other or not. When it comes to the point that the answer is not you have to start the hiring process all again. With Contingent Workforce it’s much easier: you have “Try and hire” option after 12 months, but without commitment.


We can transform your IT workforce challenge into a plannable workforce solution. Choosing Contingent workforce solution you can have Application Developers, Business Analysts, Project Managers and Test Managers to drive your project to successful implementation. If you’d need IT know-how in a new project Contingent Workforce should be your first thought.

We all know that there’re way more open tech jobs than relevant tech talent applicants – in Hungary it means 26.000 vacancies in 2019. Consulting firms estimate there will be a global shortage of more than 85 million tech workers by 2030.

You have a list of positions you have to fill with a planned starting date – we have the variety of IT and FinTech experts. We can offer temps, freelancers, independent contractors, 3rd party vendors and consultants via Contingent Workforce service.

Businesses have explicitly increased their use of contingent workers over the past years as they struggle with rising labor costs, long HR process and need for workers that can quicklly adapt to new projects. It’s a logical consequence on a market which struggle with lack of mid and senior experts. In field of IT and FinTech we all know that the struggle is real. Contingent workers are not on the company payroll but provide services to your organization, such as contractors, consultants and advisers.

In a hiring process there’s always a moment when you’ll ask yourself and the HR manager if the potential candidate’s skills and personality would match with your existing well-functioning team. Our IT experts work with your team as team members as long as your project needs. Plus you’ll stay on the safe side all along as our Contingent Workforce service has a 12 months candidate guarantee. Try & hire is your talent solution: it’s a risk-free option which makes Contingent Workforce more appealing. Try & hire enables your company to make sure that a certain position is part of your long-term plans or to ensure that a specific individual fits into your company culture. After a year you have the opportunity to hire them, so they’ll be your permanent employees.







“Our teams are working together, we’ve optimised our processes, and we have more time to spend on strategy. INNOVIEW has been a big part of that.”



“Whenever we need help in communicating with candidates, they are always at our disposal. in the biggest trouble we can always count on Innoview team.”



​Our Contingent Workforce service based on a labor-pool which includes the following professional skills: Application Development, Business Analysis, Project Management and Test Management.
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